What is Student Assistance?

Student Assistance is a K-12 program designed to create a vibrant atmosphere for learning and to make school a place kids want to be. Help is offered for students experiencing difficulties that interfere with social, emotional and/or academic development.

What's included in the program?

  • Prevention - education and other activities designed to help develop and maintain healthy lifestyles among students.

  • Identification - students experiencing problems can be identified by their parents, teachers, peers, or themselves.

  • Intervention - Counselors/Social Workers work with the student and family to discuss identified concerns and offer additional help.

  • Assessment - is offered to determine the nature and severity of student concerns. Support services may be recommended.

How are referrals made?

A referral can be made by contacting your Student Assistance Coordinator.

There are four kinds of referrals:

  1. Self - the student indicates a need for help to a Core Team member.

  2. Parent or school staff - may initiate a referral for academic, behavioral or emotional concerns.

  3. Disciplinary - a Level III violation will automatically result in a referral to the Student Assistance Program.

  4. Academic and Attendance Concerns - students at risk for academic failure or truancy are automatically referred.

What happens after a student is referred?

Parents, teachers, and staff (Core Team) work together to develop an intervention plan. Options for intervention may include short- term school counseling, in-school support groups, or referral to a community agency.

The Core Team

Each building has a Core Team which consists of the school principal, counselor/social worker and classroom teachers who have received special training. They meet on a regular basis to determine the most appropriate means of assisting those students whose behaviors indicate possible cause for concern. They are responsible for communicating concerns with the student's family and linking the family with the support services when needed.

A Note to Parents and the Suttons Bay Community

The Student Assistance Program at Suttons Bay Public Schools provides services that benefit all our students and enhances the quality of learning in our school. If at any time during the school year you have questions or concerns about your child, please feel free to call the Student Assistance Coordinator in your child's school building. Your concerns will be held in confidence.