NCAA Clearinghouse

Potential college athletes may need to register with the NCAA Clearinghouse in order to participate in athletics at the collegiate level. Registration should take place at the end of the student’s junior year or after the completion of six semesters of high school. Athletes should be in constant communication with their coaches and the athletic director during the recruiting process. Division I and Division II colleges have separate requirements for admissions. Check with the guidance office to make sure you have completed all the Division I and II requirements.

NCAA Clearinghouse

Register online or print out the application and register via mail.

If registering via mail…

Provide a 9” x 12” mailing envelope with two stamps and address it to NCAA Clearinghouse. Bring the packet to the Guidance Counselor who will review and mail it for you.

ACT and SAT scores

NCAA Clearinghouse will need official test scores.

You can order them online at: (ACT scores) (SAT scores)