General Information
  • Apply online whenever possible. It’s easier to track your progress through the admissions department and colleges encourage students to apply online.

  • Keep track of deadlines. Aim to have your applications completed by October 31.

  • Watch the announcements and bulletin boards for college rep visits, open houses, and scholarship opportunities.

  • Attending college rep visits at Suttons Bay High School is VERY important. The college rep is a person who will become your direct link to that school during your application process. Please sign up for the visits in the Guidance Office.

  • Please allow two days for your transcript request to be processed and three school days for paper applications to be reviewed. The transcript request forms are kept in the Guidance Office.

  • Plan ahead to get letters of recommendation from teachers. Give them at least a two week notice. Give them a copy of your EDP or the completed Letter Of Recommendation Request Form available in the Guidance Office. The person writing your letter will need detailed and complete information about you in order to "sell" you to the college!

  • You’ve worked hard to get to this point! Take every opportunity to highlight your leadership skills and your accomplishments on your applications.

  • Seniors, please make sure you come to the Guidance Office at the end of the school year to have your official transcript mailed to your college of choice. It is YOUR responsibility to see that this is done.